I learn so much by having been bitten so many times on the backside by this hard and fast rule I (and you) should always follow, and it is simply this: Update! Not “step up to your date” (although you need to do that too)….update! Update all your recording software-every month at least! Or it might be the kiss…of down-time.

I seem to always learn this the hard way, and I’ve learned it way too many times. There’s a lot to be said for the expression “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” and most of the time I agree with this old saying. That old saying being-said, have you ever chased your tail for hours going “what is wrong with this stuff!? I haven’t changed a thing!” Well maybe you didn’t and maybeyou did…and just didn’t know it. One thing affects another, sometimes without you realizing it. The usual-simple fix? Ask yourself; Have I updated my software recently? 9 times out of 10-no is the answer, especially with recording software and all the inner-connected software that goes with it.

Most, if not all of these packages don’t automatically update themselves, so you can’t depend on this feature. Some do, which makes it hard to remember. Do yourself (and your panic-call friends) a favor and write down a list of all the things you must have working everyday, such as:

Saphire MixControl (this is my most recent bite..)((Thanks Aaron Woland))
Addictive Drums 2
IK Multimedia
Premier Bass
Vintage B3

“Ahh, it is a ponderous chain, and I have labored on it since…” (Dickens)
Stupidly, I am just starting to compile and check this list, as suggested by my dear friend Steve Stoeckel. Thanks Steve….:-)…again..

Oh-oh, and do these things as well:

Run Carbon Copy Cloner on your root drive and media drive at least once a month!! It makes a bootable-clone of your drive. Then when catastrophe strikes, just plug the spare in-and you are up and running in seconds. This has saved my bu-tox more than once…well-worth the trouble.
Set a reminder on your iPhone or droid or calendar for once every month-to do this…or you probably won’t. And hey, check your updates then too while you’re at it…

SO-the moral of my story; Don’t let your date (that you missed) take you’re recording out! Step up to the plate..and (wait for it…) UPDATE!

Jamie Hoover