A great deal of my time is spent researching all things musical, and that of course includes software. There are many things that you have to pay up for, and you should pay up for the best thing that suits your needs. Life is too short to fight with inferior tools, just for the sake of saving a dime….and a length of pipe.

That being said, I have discovered, through other friends in the business, and through my students-these new things. I advise you to go ye forth, and download asap—or at very least, go check these out.

If you are working at a distance with anyone on a musical recording project you will want to check out VST Connect Performer, by Steinberg. Oh, and did I fail to mention that this one is FREE?? The only restriction is you must be working with someone on the other end that uses Cubase, the Pro version (not free, but worth it, in my opinion). This VST Connect Performer software enables you-the performer to hook up to a session driven by a Cubase user. It only requires a high speed connection, an audio interface, and a decent mic. It is even available for iPad and iPhone! I am sure it’s available for an Android-type tablet as well….


Also FREE is a great guitar tab app, but only if you use an iPhone or iPad-and iTunes. Sorry Droid-folk….(I am sure there is something close..if not, there needs to be) Anyway, this software is called Jamn Player and it’s just great! It allows you to click on ANY song within your iTunes library, and it will give you a streaming-to-the-music chord chart, along with fretboard positions! It is amazingly accurate.


Last one today: GuitarPro. I think this is the best tab program out there, but I am sure there are others. This one allows the user to actually choose what particular string and fret position to play, which is very important to me. The mac app was $59. and well-worth it, to me anyway. The iPhone app was $5. I believe.


Go get this stuff!! Cheers!

Jamie Hoover