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Jamie’s EZ Tip 101: Use your room and ears when recording

When recording, especially if you are recording an electric guitar with an amp, I think like this:
You have two ears, right?  Most of us do. That helps us “locate” where something is in a room. I like to use
two mics-one, directly in front of an amp’s speaker and another 4, 5 or maybe even 6 feet away, facing the amp.
I usually put the room mic “head high” to resemble what you would hear “just standing there”. If this mic is
listened to just by itself it may really sound “thin.” So, try panning the close mic just slightly to one direction
and the room mic all the way in the other direction, turned down a bit lower in volume…then listen. All of the
sudden it sounds like “ears”…like what you “hear” when you just listen in the room. Make sense? EZ!
I use a flat response dynamic mic on the amp and a condenser mic on the room.  A picture on my home
studio is below.  Let me know if you have any question or tips on using your room well.
Until next time, have fun while learning to make music!