“I don’t think Jack was a better producer than Jamie Hoover. Yes, Jack is legendary and celebrated as a genius — all much deserved. Jamie, on the other hand, is sadly underrated as a producer, an arranger and particularly as a bass player. He produced my best album, “Finding You Again.” He understood my music, and he had the wherewithal to make the songs work. I can still listen to it and feel moved and amazed at what he did with those songs. Every one of them works, and there’s nothing — at least very, very little — that I would change. What’s more, he cut six more tunes with me that will be on my new CD, and all of them stand up to anything else I’ve recorded.”

Bob Lind-from an article in Goldmine Magazine by Lee Zimmerman



Joni Deutsch, host of WFAE’s Amplifier podcast (and you’re welcome to hyperlink with wfae.org/amplifier)

“From his legendary days with The Spongetones to his times as a super-producer, Jamie Hoover has a rockin’ ear for music.”