My duties in The Spongetones for the last 41-plus years include songwriter, guitarist, vocalist, producer, recording engineer, arranger, bassist, sometimes drummer, and other various musical noises. I have recorded and produced all twelve records for The Spongetones, with rave reviews in Rolling Stone, Billboard, Trouser Press, Goldmine, and many others.

I wrote, recorded, produced and performed the song “Skinny” by The Spongetones-played on “ABC World Night News”-every night since April of 2006–and is still being used today on their “Skinny Now” gossip section of the show.

My most recent release is a 45 on blue vinyl is “Stepford Knives”, partnered with Otis Hughes (Animal Bag)

I produced the acclaimed “For The Record: A Tribute To John Wicks”, put together by Richard Rossi (co-writer with JW). Many star guests including Al Stewart, Peter Case, Chris Thompson, Paul Collins, Don Dixon, Ray Paul, Carla Olsen, Bill Berry,, Nick Guzman, and of course John Wicks.

My dear friend and bass player in The Spongetones-Steve Stoeckel have made 4 cd releases-the most recent released in 2017 entitled “Sub Textural’”. The first three are also available in Japan on Air Mail Records. Go to

I produced the first Bob Lind (Elusive Butterfly and many others) album in 41 years-entitled “Finding You Again”-so far to rave reviews. This and also the follow-up entitled “Magellan Was Wrong” are two VERY important-to-me records! Bucket List projects!

I have a full-length pop record entitled Paparazzi with fellow popster and alt-country star Bill Lloyd. All drums on this record are performed by Dennis Diken. (The Smithereens).

I did two cd’s with my dear friend Bryan Shumate-under the band name “The Van DeLecki’s”—both released on Permanent Press Recordings.

I have toured, playing keyboards/guitar/mandolin and lap steele for Hootie and The Blowfish-sitting in For Peter Holsapple while his wife had a baby son-Web.

I have toured and recorded for over 28 years as guitarist for producer/recording artist Don Dixon and his wife-singer/recording artistMarti Jones, touring most of the United States, Canada, and Europe with them. Still do on occasion…

I filled in as bass player for The Smithereens‘ Mike Meseros for over a year-from May of 1997 until June of 1998 as a regular player. I have filled in twice since then and may again….

I toured as guitarist/backup vocalist for Graham Parker as a member of “The Small Clubs” in support of the “Burning Questions” Capitol release in 1992.

I also recorded with that band during the tour for a Richard Thompson tribute “Beat The Retreat”-the song “The Madness Of Love”, and made an appearance with GP on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

I recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis for a couple weeks as the bass player for the Orange Humble Band (Australia) with Mitch Easter on guitar/producing, Jody Stephens (Big Star) on drums, Ken Stringfellow (Posies) on vocals.

Also sang an arranged the back up vocals and played bass on the Coronet Blue cd’s-recorded by Mitch Easter, strings by Don Dixon.

I operated a project studio in Charlotte, NC called “Hooverama@Liquid Studios”, where I worked on many indie recording projects, wrote custom music, and did some sound design.

I have recorded over the years with acts such as Joe Walsh, Hootie and The Blowfish, and many others. I currently work from my home studio in Southport, NC on the coast.

I was the voice of Pido–of The Raggs Kids Club Band–and wrote “Stand Back Brain Attack”–plus many others for this very cool project–bery big in Australian…

My projects include Catesby Jones, Elena Rogers, Rich Williams, Allan Kaplon, Wednesday 13, Rayen Belchere’, South Of Sane and Barnhill Station, Bob Lind, Crisis, Cool King Chris The Reverend John P KeeThe PTL Club SingersThe Reverend Willy C Wirtz, and many others….