2/23/22-Chris Garges

I first met Chris over at Eddie Z’s place. I was doing a session there-playing something for somebody? Chris was a young drummer and aspiring recording engineer. Good ole Eddie made his place available for Chris to learn, hone his skills, and become a big part of the local scene, which of course he did.

I notice right away that he was a great “feeling” drummer, which in my opinion-is what it’s all about in music. Feel…groove….the right part-at the right time. He reminded me of Jim Brock, which in itself says a lot. He had been schooled in music also, so he could read and understood theory. “I really like this guy” I said to myself. Must get him involved with my circle.. I did. Damn good call.

I had my own studio at the time and he became a regular call for me for sessions. Then later, gigs. I got him into the Don Dixon crowd. He was fantastic on gigs, not to mention he was just a cool guy …..and also quite funny. Warm…good karma…and always in Chuck Taylors.

We were playing a gig in Chapel Hill at the new Cat’s Cradle with Don. Beforehand, Chris and I were setting up for the gig. Dixon played solo first, surrounded by a circle of candles. While DD was setting this up the sound man came over to me and Chris and asked “Is this going to be a sit-down gig?” I’ll never forget this: Chris quickly answered with “Well, that’s according to if you want a sit-down-ass-kickin?’”. In seconds we were both in tears about the notion of a sit-down-ass-kickin’. 🙂 I saw Chris and Carrie last week, for the last time-and we laughed about it once more. Good times. I was blessed to ever have known him. We all were.

Fast forward from The Cat’s Cradle to The Spongetones. At some point, I’d say 7 or 8 years ago our first drummer Rob Thorne decided that he was ready to leave the band. (we are all still tight friends, by the way) We had a few gigs with other drummers but then the idea of Chris came to us. He was a huge Beatle fan: a prerequisite for entering these sacred walls of The Spongetones. He could mock the original “mocker” Ringo to absolute perfection. Plus he adored George Martin and Geoff Emerick. All just adding to his qualifications. Needless to say, we asked him to become an equal member of the band. Another damn good call….

Back in late last year we all played our last gig together with Chris in the quartet. Chris, in fact organized and booked this gig at Spirit Square. We booked the show (sold out) but the along came Mr Covid. We had to postpone until last year, so it was truly our 41st Anniversary. It was an amazing show and Chris, as always-knocked it out of the park. It was a highlight of our career, right there with when we (with Rob) went to Japan! These gigs we’re all a dream come true for us boys. I have to remind myself that every musician isn’t this lucky.

There is an excellent post of Chris, performing his own “sit-down-ass-kickin’” at The Festival In The Park in Charlotte, on the song “White Room” that my wife Linda took and posted. I suggest you do yourself a favor and go watch it. Bookmark it. Remember…..Chris Garges.

Chris Garges-Spirit Square with The Spongetones 2021