English Afterthoughts



By Alan Haber

Another home run from the Spongetones and related wellspring! Sounds like the first of a long run by the newly-crowned Spongerly Brothers! If the Everlys made pop records in 2009, this would be the result. And with these songs… I’m glad to see you and Steve doing the duo thing! “Emily’s Ghost” is another of those too-rare-these-days examples of the perfect pop song, one  of those songs you play to someone who you want to hear what they’ve been missing. Short and sweet and exploding with melodic bliss, it’s just something out of this world. I also love “Fly Girl,” with its glorious harmonies. “Let’s Don’t Count this One” explodes, a slice of modern-day beat music, with great harmonies and backgrounds. And “Girly Girl” drips pop bliss, with a gorgeous chord sequence wrapped around a hooky melody. I mean, I love the whole thing, but there you go–you and Steve have made a wonderful record, on permanent spin here at Pure Pop and buhdge headquarters. You have made the holiday season a wonderful place to be.

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