Coupons, Questions, And Comments



The following is a review from The Hard Report (June 15 1990):

As admitted earlier, it was a week that memories ran rampant on the old music box, but time was set aside for things new. Jamie Hoover ‘s “Coupons. Questions and Comments” has been lying next to the play pile for a while, and when it finally got an audition I had to smack myself in the head for waiting. Jamie is no newcomer, as any fan of the late great Spongetones will attest. You’ve also seen his name on records by pal Don Dixon , Marti Jones and most of the things recorded at Charlotte ‘s Reflection Studios. The 13 tracks on this Triapore Records release swell with solid pop ingredients, and hooks that were made for Summer nights. These are singles, as in seven inches with a big hole in the middle. They’re the kind of singles that when played on a jukebox, mesmerize you into following them with your eyes as they spin at 45 RPM. The trio of “Coupons”, “Questions” and “Ve Box” are Big Star/dB’s/Records/Todd beauties, and “Duo-Not” leases the intro to Joe Jackson’s “Friday”before settling in to a pure pop groove. All the tracks shine brightly, and this kid can’t stop playing “Lie In The Fire”, a song that is too beautiful for words. Find this record and play it every day.

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