Jamie Hoo-Ever



Outstanding collection of “New Classics” and Beautiful Music
I’ve been a fan of “Spongetone” music for awhile and have (of course) now become a fan of Jamie Hoover’s solo work and work with other projects. I generally don’t like (or buy) “remake”, “best of” or “as presented by” products but this one is different and remarkably so! The surprising, metal treatment of “Sukiyaki” is the best I’ve heard. “Izzat Love” sounds like the Beatles AND Todd Rundren (on their best days) .. “Cathy’s Clown” sounds as good as the original. I was most astounded by “A Summer’s Place” and “Elusive Butterfly” – OUTSTANDING treatments on both of these. Bottom line: it’s a a Jamie Hoover product, it’s outstanding and it is worth every single penny of it’s purchase price.

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