opus one-Elena Rogers


Born in Woodstock, NY, and raised on the coast of North Carolina, Elena Rogers is a gifted composer, singer, and multi-instrumentalist. Her musical chops go way beyond her 19 years, both musically and lyrically.  Heavily influenced by other creative composers and acts such as Danny Elfman, XTC, Sparks, Klaatu, Frank Zappa and many others, she absorbs everything she hears, yet forges an individual perspective in her own songs quite unlike anyone else.  She has “it”.  Teamed with producer Jamie Hoover Elena has written, performed, and created her first full-length album “opus one”.  “Rarely does one come across a unique talent like Elena Rogers. Her innate sense of melody and sophisticated composition belie her age.” – Gary Velletri/Gilda Music  “Elena Rogers turns pop On its head with ‘opus one  What happens when imagination meets songwriting chops well beyond their years? The result can be exhilarating.  At times her songs may remind you of something Frank Zappa might try. For pure originality, she may remind you of John Flansburgh and John Linnell of They Might Be Giants. Other times, she’ll give you a little bit o’ soul. But that’s just the half of it. Her radio friendly voice delivers lyrically intriguing songs that dangle and sway on melodies that stick. It’s infectious stuff. The soulful Elena makes an appearance early with the opening track, ‘I Don’t Feel That Way’.  Deft vocals and production a’ la 60’s Motown make it an instant hit. The piano driven ‘Jonesin’ For You’ bounces along thanks to some excellent guitar work and another terrific lead vocal.  ‘Summer Sun’ may be the highlight among highlights here. A start to finish hook, it falls somewhere between Ricky Lee Jones and The Waitresses. The perfect summer song, pop this one into the car device/platform of your choice, roll down the windows and crank it up to 11. Rogers’s ability to spin through genres and straddle the borderline absurd is no accident. Rather, it’s a combination of her unique talent and that of Jamie Hoover.” – Power Pop News  EXCELLENT!!-Richard Rossi


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