Textural Drone Thing



*This album contains the song “Skinny”-by The Spongetones-as heard on ABC “World News Now” every night on “The Skinny” section of the show!*
Their first three CDs, Beat Music, Torn Apart, and Where-Ever-Land were all three very positively reviewed in Rolling Stone Magazine.
This, their fifth record was released on Black Vinyl Records also to receive much critical acclaim.
By incorporating their trademark stance of sincere power pop with a heap of heady psychedelic madness and even a touch of Claptonesque guitar moves, the band skillfully explores and embraces a novel territory on the positively awesome Textural Drone Thing.
The album is clearly highlighted by the brilliant songwriting of Stoeckel, Walters, and Hoover, and as an added bonus, famed country popster Bill Lloyd teamed up with Hoover to write a trio of tunes for the album.
Music listeners far and wide are sure to appreciate and enjoy Textural Drone Thing, while radio programmers across the land will no doubt spin the daylights out of the disc. (quote by Beverly Paterson)
Note: The cd itself included in this Black Vinyl packaging is a new artwork design by Michael Slawter, and is a second pressing-pressed from the original master!

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