The Next Big Thing



By Dan Pavelich

Following their full-length debut album, “English Afterthoughts,” Jamie Hoover and Stoeckel decided on a different approach. Rather than record another full-length, the duo agreed that releasing an e.p. would allow them to release more music, with a shorter turn-around time.
As with their long-time combo The Spongetones, the approach is pretty similar; write catchy pop songs that would’ve been right at home on the a.m. radio of the ’60’s and ’70’s. While that rule wasn’t strictly adhered to, it does furnish the listener with a familiarity and appetite for the material as soon as it is heard.
On “Seaside Sparrow,” which sounds like a fabulous Wings’ outtake, Stoeckel’s sweet verses are meshed perfectly with Hoover’s unexpected Eastern-flavored responses. Injecting little surprises like this are the duo’s strong suit. Check out the ukulele they sneak into the second verse of the bouncy, Carnaby-Street “Dancing On Ice.” It’s a brilliant idea that most retro-leaning musicians would never come up with.
Check these guys out, you really won’t regret it. Rarely will you ever come across musicians like this, who not only strike out to scratch their own creative itch, but your’s as well. Drop by iTunes and sample some of their ear candy.

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