Letters From The Desk Of Count S. Van Delecki



Chris Woodstra, All Music Guide

The Van Delecki’s Letters From the Desk of S.Van Delecki isn’t much of a departure from Jamie Hoover’s band, the Spongetones — lots of harmonies, pure pop melodies, and plenty of hooks. The album, for the most part, is more relaxed and has fewer blatant Mersey references with light acoustic, folky arrangements playing a bigger role. And while the Spongetones album that preceded this project moved into the same territory, this one is more effectively executed. __ Bob Lind For those readers unaware of Jamie’s work. He played guitar for years with the cult favorite group VanDelecki. He not only writes his own songs, but is also a top-notch interpreter of other people’s music, including mine. He’s just come out with two new CDs: JAMIE HOO-EVER — a best-of collection (which features “Elusive Butterfly,” by the way) — and PAPPARAZZI, which features him with Bill Lloyd and Dennis Diken.

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